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    On-Demand Workouts and Excercise

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    On Demand Workouts
    & Exercise Libraries

  • Online and On-Demand Workouts, Virtual Coaching & Exercise Libraries

    We provide a unique expert service in creating On-Demand Workouts and Exercise Libraries for gym chains, single club owners or companies who have a digital platform, app or website but don't have the capabilities internally to create inspiring and engaging instructional workouts.

    We have deep experience in creating workouts and libraries to be used by all ages, abilities and experiences. Our service can manage the project from start to finish, designing workouts, filming & editing, sourcing presenters and equipment to digital marketing.

    Choose from the following services:

    The total bespoke service - Creating the perfect On-Demand workout or Exercise Library for your targeted user you require from scratch or look to licence our own library for a period of time.

    Short to mid term licensing of content - We can provide generic content you can licence for a particular project, marketing or member communications or even to support your current physical fitness service.

    Consultancy - If you are producing your own content and want us to advise, oversee the production, write the workouts, add additional quality assurance then we can help.

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    • On-Demand Workouts & Exercise Libraries
    • Fitness & Wellness Video Production
    • Fitness & Lifestyle Models
    • Photography for Fitness & Wellness
    • Podcast Production
    • Brand Development
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