Project Overview

Developed by physiotherapists, EXi, uses an automated algorithm to analyse your health and fitness level, and prescribes a personalised and graduated physical activity plan to help everyone get active regardless of age, fitness level or disease status. 1FitLife proudly partnered with EXi to produce a series of content designed to educate and inspire EXi members.

Project Solution

As their content partner we helped shape the creative direction for EXi’s content. Designing and producing a variety of workouts for their physical activity plans and series of educational clinical interviews with dieticians, clinicians and leading health experts. From discovery through to design, 1FitLife have focused on delivering safe exercise routines to accommodate the variable health status of their members. Filmed in our Studios, we’ve designed sets to reflect the brand and sourced highly skilled presenters with experience in exercise rehabilitation, who are able to guide EXi members through effective exercise sessions.

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