Project Overview

Carers UK was founded in 1960 as the first ever carer’s organisation. For 60+ years they’ve been making life better for the 6.5 million carers in the UK. Recent research revealed that carers are less likely to take part in physical activity and face significant barriers in doing so. The 1FitLife and Carers UK partnership forms part of its Carers Active Project to help address these challenges.

Project Solution

We worked closely with Carers UK to design and create a series of 10 individual exercises and 6 activity sessions to encourage carers to incorporate more physical activity into their day. Inviting carers to be involved in the production at our Studios meant we were able to spend time with them and truly understand their energy levels and time available to exercise, designing each session to specifically tackle these barriers. The sessions are low intensity, short and often with seated exercise variations. These simple changes to workouts can make a big difference to those who are new to exercise or exist within a particular community that face barriers to remaining active.

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