Project Overview

Established in 2016 by Chartered Physiotherapists Maria Lewis and Sally Tawhai, Reach Your Peak is a pioneering company dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals dealing with Parkinson’s disease. Recognising the integral role of exercise in Parkinson’s treatment, the founders aspired to empower patients to become experts in their own well-being.

They sought to provide a flexible solution, allowing individuals to engage in tailored exercise regimens at their convenience and developing a supportive online community, enabling people to thrive while living with Parkinson’s.

Awards: Highly Commended at the Community Support Award

Project Solution

We helped them develop a 10-week Get Started Programme and three supplementary rehabilitation videos. Our collaboration focused on elevating the quality of existing content, with a commitment to producing outstanding videos. We conducted a tailored Presenter Training day for Reach Your Peak, optimising their on-camera presentation techniques ensuring users received maximum benefit from each session. Our involvement extended beyond training, it encompassed script refinement, bespoke set design, and session structuring for seamless production. In post production, we applied branding expertise, incorporating bespoke graphics, hints, and tips into all video sessions, ensuring inclusivity for their target audience.

Reach your Peak and 1FitLife have successfully created a dynamic and informative online exercise programme for a platform that empowers individuals with Parkinson’s to live their best lives through purposeful exercise.

“We asked the participants how useful they felt the exercise programme was overall… It was rated it a 9.5/10”
– Reach your Peak Foudners, Sally & Maria 

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