Total Fitness

Everybody is Better Fitter

Project Overview

Total Fitness is a leading UK Health Club chain. They have 15 clubs across North England and Wales, with over 100,000 members and 600 employees. They believe that everyone is better fitter, and they promise the spaces and opportunity to achieve more than you thought possible. Since 2018, 1FL and Total Fitness have been working together to create a library of photography and videography that is used across campaigns to generate brand positivity and increase club visitation.

Project Solution

The Total Fitness offering is for every fitness moment which means providing for – all ages, all sizes, all abilities, so dynamic casting for shoots is key to telling the brand’s story and connecting with their members. We ensure the right wardrobe, models and lighting work together to bring their promise and culture to life through image capture. To meet the demands of the challenging locations, we use techniques that blend technology and creativity that capture the entirety of the venue without distracting from the focus.

“1FitLife don’t just understand how to curate and deliver exceptionally good quality imagery, they understand what brand means and how digital content is pivotal in expressing what it is you promise. They work with you as well as for you.  And they’re just great humans.”
Sophie Lawler – CEO Total Fitness

Total Fitness Yoga Content Creation, Professional Photography, Creative Direction, Location, high grade photography, Wellness, YogaTotal Fitness Photography Content Creation, Professional Photography, Creative Direction, On Location, high grade photography, Water photography, Campaign, Marketing

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