Abu Dhabi 360

Empowering Wellness in Abu Dhabi: The 360-Degree Transformation

Project Overview

The Abu Dhabi 360 app provides a comprehensive solution to the health challenges faced by Abu Dhabi residents. By offering expert guidance on fitness, nutrition, and mental health, this platform has not only addressed pressing health concerns but also positioned Abu Dhabi 360 as a leader in the fitness, health and wellness, inspiring and empowering individuals on their journey towards optimal health.

As their content partners, our aim is to build an accredited content library for doctors to access and prescribe. This meant designing and creating a transformative behavioural change program that drives long-lasting impact within the Abu Dhabi population.

Project Solution

Collaborating closely with Physiotherapists and Doctors of behavior change, we designed and produced 27 tailored workouts forming the cornerstone of the “Active Start Pathway”, a 12 week program. The sessions were carefully designed for individuals with varying health conditions or those entirely new to exercise, ensuring a safe and effective introduction to fitness. This progressive structure of the pathway promotes a gradual and sustainable approach to building fitness and wellness.

After an extensive pre production phase, the content was filmed on location in Abu Dhabi. This decision not only ensured resonance with the target audience but also built a deeper connection with the region’s unique challenges and aspirations. We sourced and trained four local presenters, and produced content in both English and Arabic Recognising the importance of encouraging active participation and empowering users, we also produced resources on pain management, detailed explanations of the exercises, and introductions to each phase of the pathway.

Together, we have addressed unique regional challenges whilst empowering individuals of all abilities to embark on a transformative journey towards improved health and well-being. We have set a new standard for holistic wellness in Abu Dhabi, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of fitness and wellness.

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