Presenter Training

1FitLife presenter training helps fitness instructors learn how to set themselves apart from normal live classes. They learn how to connect to the camera, use tone to emphasise intensity during the workout, how to deal with nerves and use body language to communicate. Most importantly they learn to become confident in understanding how to grab the viewer’s attention and deliver memorable content.

“The most important skill we teach is how a presenter can connect and show authenticity with the end user through a camera. It’s no good just knowing which camera to look into. The real challenge for presenters is to build trust and credibility and be able to really connect on a personal level, even though they are not physically present with their audience.”

1FtiLife offer three different types of presenter training:

Virtual workshops - these are not done in a studio environment but through a video workshop and are an educational insight on how to become a confident fitness presenter.

Mixed group workshops - the mixed group workshops aren’t brand specific but provide presenters with the tools to become confident on set and how to tailor their presenting to the brand they are representing. Each session starts with an educational and interactive workshop in the morning. The afternoon session is when they get to shine in front of the camera and are given feedback on key areas they need to build on.

Brand-specific workshops - this is when a company has exclusive access to the session and the content is written around their brand guidelines, styling and tone of voice. It can also be product-specific if required to be even more niche!

Format for the Day:

Morning - Interactive workshop with Skills Sessions

Afternoon - Present to camera and personal performance review/feedback

There is also an option for additional support for rehearsing after the event.

Price from £250 per person.

If you would like to attend a Presenter Training Day please email for further information.

Presenter Training "Behind the Scenes"