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Over the past 5 months I don’t think I’ve seen more people getting fit outdoors. Literally hundreds of people running, performing yoga on the beach, couples in the park working out together, I even saw an 80 year old man in full Bournemouth kit playing football with his grandson. Humans are naturally creative beings and we will always find a way to survive, but right now as we teater on another threat of another lockdown, I am worried about the health of our minds more than the health of our bodies.

What we all have been experiencing and what we face over the next few years is totally unparalleled to anything most of us have gone through in our lifetime. On one hand life has been simplified, reducing our ability to socialise and having to work from home, whilst on the other hand it has been complicated through the amount of change we are all experiencing and the uncertainty this brings.

So how should we deal with all of ths? I can only talk from my experience of how I have dealt with the last few months. For me, it has been important to live in the present moment and find a way to feel a sense of achievement each day, no matter how small. By living in the present moment I reduce my stress and anxieties whilst feeling more in control. To my mind, being present is to concentrate on what is happening at that point in time. No past or future, just the now.

Yep, I know this is not easy and people are different, but the way I have done this is either read, cook, or listen to music concentrating on the lyrics of the song. I hope you have found your own ways? Maybe you’ve found a certain sport like golf or even a pastime like gardening? Whatever it is, make sure you are in tune to that moment and share it with us on our social pages at ………… its good to talk… even if it’s digitally.

Look forward to hearing how you find your present moment.

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