The Fitness Industry Trade Show Season Has Started…

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We’re ready. Are you? Here’s some tips to help:

Identify and set your goals and strategic objectives for the show. Are you aiming to generate leads, make sales, increase brand exposure or debut a new product?

Research your audience. The trade show organisers may have demographic information and other details about its attendees available by request. Highlight any USPs about your brand/business that makes you stand out from the competition and ensure this is accentuated in both the lead up to the shows and during.

Pre event content strategy is just as important as your booth, if not more so. Develop content to promote your trade show appearance across several channels.

Create event themed content to help you provide value to your audience that goes beyond standard event promotion. Reach a wide range of people by generating several different avenues of content from blogs, videos, eBooks etc.

Advertise your booth ahead of time and create buzz by advertising giveaways, product reveals, contests, and any other unique features of your display.

Utilise social media to promote your content across all social channels, and be sure to use event-specific hashtags. Join the greater conversation surrounding the event by engaging with attendees, speakers, and other brands that will be at the trade show. This will facilitate online engagement and brand presence associated to the event.

Use video campaigns to draw attention to show potential customers your brand.

Get organised! Find out in advance how big your booth will be so you can plan and create your trade show booth well in advance, from design to manufacturing. Even if you’re reusing elements from an existing booth, you’ll still need to think about any adjustments that will need to be made.

Make sure you have planned and prepared your sales and marketing materials and display on tablets or laptops. Send out to any potential leads by gathering their email addresses providing you an avenue to reach out in the future.

Train your booth staff. Make sure everyone working your booth can field questions about your products or services. Ensure the know your goals and strategy and have their sales pitches rehearsed and ready. Leads may come when you least expect it, don’t let potential sales escape due to lack of proper engagement.

Make the first 5 seconds count! Getting someone to stop and listen is the hardest part, so maximise your potential opportunity and draw them in straight away.

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