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Anna Langridge from 1FitLife explores the new ‘pocket life coach’ app Mentor360

Everyone has their own unique mental wellness story and each of us is coping with our struggles in different ways. Often when we are feeling anxious or upset, we tend to retreat inwards and ruminate on our problems. Despite the connectivity of an increasingly digital world, many of us are feeling more isolated and overwhelmed than ever.

Bertie is a local Dorset businessman who spent 25 years serving in the military. Growing up, he witnessed domestic abuse and his father took his own life when he was just 15, the effects of which still haunt him today. He’s experienced some of the most challenging circumstances possible, along with his friends in the military who’ve suffered from PTSD and, in some cases, taken their own lives. As a parent of three grown-up children, he also knows about the difficulties of parenthood and family life. Trying to give his children valuable life advice hasn’t always been successful and he wondered if there was a better, less intrusive way to go about it.

Drawing on his previous hardships, Bertie decided to develop an app that could help people through their lives. The result is Mentor360, an impressive and unique platform that acts as an all-round guide for creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle. He intends to give the premium version of the app to elite parts of the military for free.

In short, the aim of Mentor360 is to function as a ‘pocket life coach’ that can be customised to suit the needs of each individual user. Crucially, the app also recognises the intrinsic connection between mental and physical health. As Bertie explains, “The app is there to give you good, sound advice whenever and wherever you need it.”

Professional Advice – There is guidance on how to deal with a variety of mental health issues as well as insight into performance psychology. The aim is to get you to a place of increased awareness where you can manage life more effectively.

Nutrition – There are lots of great recipes for you to try out and the app shows the nutritional details of each one so you can become more conscious of what you’re eating and learn about the importance of a good diet.

Exercise – The app helps you plan anything from mild physical activity to full-blown workouts. It encourages you to avoid comparing yourself to others and create a realistic, achievable routine that gives you results to be proud of, no matter how big or small they may be.

Meditation – There are a variety of meditations on positivity, coping with trauma and helping with sleep/relaxation. Whether you want to engineer a totally different approach to life or simply chill out after a hectic day, the app can help you get to that place.

NHS Doctor and mother of two Emily MacDonagh, wanted to get involved with the project as she has noticed a lack of resources available for those suffering with their mental health and believes this format could help with the long-term solution to a growing problem.

She is part of their team of experts a.k.a ‘mentors’ who make using the app an incredibly personal and interactive experience. The idea is that you can select the content you use on the app to ‘find your formula’ for a healthier, happier lifestyle. Whether your goals are based around mental health, sleep or performance, there is something for everyone.

SAS: Who Dares Wins’ Jason Fox is one of the app’s celebrity mentors. He wanted to contribute to the app because he knows Bertie well as an ex-special forces colleague and friend and respects what he’s trying to do with the project. Like Bertie, Jason also knows about the challenges of military life and just how crucial positive thinking can become in high-stress situations. After leaving the military, Jason found himself sinking into negative thought and ended up at the top of a cliff, contemplating suicide. It was at that moment he decided to change his mindset and make wiser choices. Managing his emotions was key to his recovery and he believes the app will enable users to define their way forward.

“The app is there to help you create new positive habits and manage your mental fitness.” – put quote on Jason Fox picture.

What’s clear is that every mentor is personally dedicated to trying to help users overcome the obstacles in their lives. Ultimately, this is what makes Mentor360 a success. It means the app can transcend its digital platform and provide a personal, intimate experience that drives actionable outcomes. And it couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

Mentor360 is available now on the app store.

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