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Reset yourself ready for the chaos of the Christmas break.  

Anna Langridge from 1FitLife interviews Reset Dorset who create day retreats for real people who want to achieve a good balance in life.

Reset Dorset was founded four years ago by Dorset based Sophie, an Exercise Instructor and Lou a Personal Trainer as they loved attending fitness festivals in London.  These festivals incorporated all types of fitness, good food, talks and workshops based around your health overall and they felt that there was a niche in Dorset to offer day retreats using this format.  Both ladies are hugely into their fitness and staying in control of their wellness.  Reset Dorset was created to help people learn how they can feel more focused and take back control of their overall health.

The retreats are based on three pillars; nourish, rest and move. Ideally, you need to reconnect all three of these elements for self-care.  Working through an educational process during the retreat day, you are encouraged to take away the elements of the workshop you find interesting to you as an individual and that work for you.  It’s also an opportunity to experience different things and to find out what type of fitness and foods you enjoy whilst also educating yourself through the workshops which include topics like women’s health, hormones and nutrition.  Partnerships are also set up with local companies and instructors to provide a diverse offering of fitness and food.

Recently Sophie and Lou have diversified into corporate retreats which are proving to be very successful.

The next retreat is based on a Christmas theme with the following proposed schedule:

11.00 am Coffee, tea and healthy snacks on arrival, relax into the day and meet the other attendees
11.30 am HIIT class
12.30 pm Floral reef making workshop by Edward’s florists.
1.30 pm Reset lunch with a local nutrition provider
2.30 pm Candlelit stretch class/ Mind & Body relaxation
3.30 pm Finish

The cost is £75pp and you get to take your reef and new wellbeing habits home with you !  To find out more and to book visit

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