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With research showing most consumers want a 60/40 split between in-studio and digital workouts, operators must ensure their on-demand offer directly reflects customers’ expectations.

Our bootcamps coach the skills fitness instructors need to transfer their skills to film. The training can be completely tailored to include specific brand direction, content and styling requirements.

“During our ‘Presenter Boot camps’, a fitness instructor learns how to deliver a class directly to a camera, understanding how to use different cameras to connect at the right time, where to stand, the impact of choreography and the set for a video, personal styling and how to successfully demonstrate the equipment. A presenter also needs to be confident in a studio setting with a full film crew. However, the most important skill we teach is how a presenter can connect and deliver that brand authenticity with customers through a camera. It’s no good just knowing which camera to look into, the real challenge for presenters is to build trust and credibility and be able to really connect on a personal level even though they are not physically present.”

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