Nutrition Tips for Those That Are Getting More Active

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Anna Langridge from 1FitLife interviews Barney Linssen from The Nutrition Coaching Company to find out what to eat to compliment your exercise routine and feel your best:

With gyms closed, the one silver lining of lockdown has been the amount of people getting outdoors for their fitness fix! If you’ve recently increased your activity levels and are struggling with what to eat and when, here are some quick wins that suit any level of fitness.

When it comes to nutrition, diet trends come and go.

Successful nutrition plans focus on the key principles of a nutritious diet while allowing individual flexibility in food choices.

At most meal-times, focus on building your plate around:
A lean source of protein – fish, poultry, tofu
1-2 handfuls of colourful veggies
Complex carbohydrates – wholegrains such as bread/rice, potatoes
Some dietary fats, especially from plant sources eg nuts/seeds/avocado/olive oil

Before training
Aim to have your last meal 1.5-3hrs before exercise, prioritising a source of carbohydrates and some water. Carbs are your bodies preferred fuel source for moderate-high intensity exercise as they can be converted to fuel for your working muscles much quicker than dietary fats, enabling you to train harder!

After training
The 3 R’s!

Rehydrate – replacing lost fluids, aim to drink 500ml-1L water
Refuel – carbohydrates to refill the fuel tank
Repair – protein to aid tissue repair and growth

Example meals after training:
Overnight oats:
Oats, fruit of choice, low fat yoghurt or semi-skimmed milk
Chicken sausage bagel:
Chicken sausages are an excellent high protein/low fat swap for pork sausages in the morning ( eg: Heck chicken Italia), with sliced tomato and a little of your sauce of choice
Chicken/salmon stir fry with egg noodles and mixed vegetables
Grilled chicken with rice and vegetables
Spaghetti Bolognese made with lean beef/other mince and a side salad

To find out more about Barney or to book a private consultation contact him at

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