No Excuses

Anna Langridge from 1FitLife and Wellbody Health & Fitness introduces ‘No Excuses December’.  Dust off the trainers and put a spring back in your step!

We’re in winter and the holiday season is upon us.  It’s cold, dark and potentially wet outside and we are naturally  becoming more tempted by sweet treats, hot sugary drinks and high fat comfort foods.  We sit on the sofa and the motivation to exercise depletes.  How do we motivate ourselves to get up on a dark morning and pound the pavements or do an exercise video?

How do we stop this slippery slope and still feel great in our clothes? Everyone has different likes and dislikes regarding exercise and nutrition.  It’s essential to find things you personally enjoy doing and eating so that you can stay motivated and on track.  Here’ some ideas to help bring some fun back into your healthy lifestyle:

Find a training partner and walk, run or cycle together 3 mornings or evenings a week.  It’s free and great for cardiovascular health!

Do some mind/body workouts during the evening when you are normally tempted to eat sugary snacks.  It will help refocus your mind and is great for your mental health.  Go online and search for yoga, pilates or meditation classes. There are 1000s of workouts available.

Introduce some weight training.  Purchase a set of dumbbells and find an online video if the gyms aren’t open.  Strength training can help you manage or lose weight, it increases your metabolism to help you burn more calories and helps stabilise your body.

Stock up on foods with lots of different colours.  The more colourful your plate the healthier it tends to be and it usually tastes better.  Go to the greengrocers and experiment with new fruit and vegetables, grill your protein where possible and create your own sauces and marinades so you know what they contain.

Lastly, don’t be hard on yourself.  Every time you do something positive with your health and fitness, you are achieving a win. Don’t expect to climb mountains, just make that small change so it’s sustainable.  Wishing you all a very merry, happy, healthy Christmas!

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