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Anna Langridge from 1FitLife shakes up the myth about resolutions and provides some suggestions on how to put a different spin on it this year.

Wow, what a year 2020 has been and most of us will be more than ready to move on to a brighter, happier, more independent 2021.  At this time of year many of us are planning what changes we’d like to make in January and beyond, but why not try something different this year?

The three main resolutions that people tend to focus on in the new year are losing weight, cutting out alcohol and doing more exercise.  These are all great but once the pressure is on to succeed most people find themselves falling off the wagon very quickly.  If you look at your overall wellbeing these factors tend to come naturally.  Here are my suggestions for achievable and easy to maintain resolutions that will have you feeling more energised, happy and healthy in 2021:

Take time for yourself – we rush about all week going to work, looking after children or family, cooking, cleaning but very few of us take time for ourselves and spend a few hours of the week doing something that we enjoy.

Work on your quality of sleep – stress, poor bedtime routines, alcohol and late nights all have a negative impact on the quality and duration of your sleep.  Try and get into good habits and you will find your mental health, energy levels and physical health naturally improves.

Plan your next holiday – having things to look forward to help us maintain a positive mindset.  It doesn’t have to be expensive but try and book at least a weekend away somewhere that you can relax and enjoy the environment.

Think positive – every time something goes wrong during the week or you feel down, try and talk yourself into a positive mindset.  If you struggle with your mental health and aren’t receiving help then maybe it’s time to make that change and not stand alone. It’s a hard step to make but one that can be life-changing.

Drink more water – Hunger can be the same feeling as thirst, so before every meal and throughout the day try and sip more water.  Water is great for our health and also has beauty benefits.

Make cooking social – It can be very tiresome having to come home after a hard day and cook yet another meal.  Get family or friends over to cook with you to make it a fun event rather than a chore and try new simple healthy recipes to liven up your plate.

Read a book more often – losing yourself in a novel or stimulating your brain through educational literature can be a great way to reduce stress and relax.

Get up early and embrace the day – it’s so easy in the winter months to lounge in bed until late and then rush to get ready.  Try and get up earlier and take a walk or run before you start your day.  You’ll feel invigorated and more energised.

Switch off your phone – This is so very important for sleep quality and positive mental health.  Picking up messages from work late at night, lazy scrolling and the light from the screen can significantly impact your sleep.  Make a new rule for yourself regarding a phone cut off time and try and stick to it.  You’ll be surprised how it’s become such a time-waster.

Regular time with friends who make you laugh – we all have different groups of friends and they all have a different impact on us when we see them.  Make a monthly diary date with your group of friends who make you giggle and fill your soul with happiness.  They are the best medicine in the world.

Like who you are – stop judging yourself, stop overthinking things and be more accepting of who you are.  Nobody is perfect and if they were they’d be boring! So focus on your good qualities, love yourself and stand proud of who you are.

Happy, healthy 2021 everyone!

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