Fitness for the Reluctant Teen

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Anna Langridge from Wellbody Health & Fitness addresses parents frustrations on why their teenage children won’t partake in exercise and provides solutions to these challenges.

The way children move and play has significantly changed in recent years and many parents are struggling to keep their teens active and healthy. This has been significantly impacted by the popularity of video games and technology, increased academic demands and mental health issues.

We all know that a physically active child is a healthy child in mind and body. So how do you get your child out of their room, off the sofa and away from their video games? It’s not easy, but try and encourage them with different options and something you think they’ll enjoy. What we sometimes forget is that every child has different abilities, likes and fears and it’s easy to feel like a failure in sport. Dorset has a huge selection of fitness for your teens, you just need to find the right one for your child’s personality and interests.

Street Dance is a growing dance discipline in Dorset that suits boys and girls. Julie Laming, owner of Mad4Dance said ”It’s fantastic fun, improves cardiovascular fitness, includes lots of freestyle to enable the person to express themselves as an individual. It doesn’t matter what body shape you are and you don’t need to have any previous dance skills to partake. Street Dance brings out the confidence and happiness in an individual.”

The Watersports Academy multi-activity club on a Sunday morning is great for fun on the water including, windsurfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing and/ or powerboating.

Active Dorset host many fun fitness opportunities for kids and this includes a beginner course for those who’d like to try cycling in the Velodrome. You don’t need to have any experience but do need to be able to ride a normal kids bike. The track bikes are available to hire and they hold a beginners club Saturday mornings. Great for cardiovascular training and stamina and a shy personality!

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