Finding Your Motivation and A Positive Mindset

January Blues

The world is continuously moving at a fast pace, but this constant movement can make it hard to find time for yourself and your mental well-being. Unintentionally neglecting your health and fitness can cause a decline in your overall motivation which can impact your everyday life. The post-Christmas slump, New Year’s Resolutions, and gloomy mornings are many reasons for a change in mood and difficulty in returning to a routine.

Finding your Rhythm

The best way to regain your motivation during the January period is to do an activity that interests and excites you – it doesn’t need to be high energy like weight-lifting or using the treadmill. You can start at the basics, don’t feel like you have to rush as gaining your motivation back takes small steps. As content creators, 1FitLife knows that keeping physically healthy and exercising isn’t the only way to successfully feel a difference in yourself. The use of yoga, meditation or even box breathing exercises can improve your body, making you feel ready for the start of the day.

Impacts of Nutrition

Changing up what you eat and being more considerate toward healthy eating can also revive you making you feel good about yourself and get you out of your habits. Gradually make small changes, allowing yourself small victories start with drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables. Swapping carby foods such as potatoes and rice with mixed vegetables is already taking steps in the right direction. These small changes can create a positive mindset and you feel healthier and energized, giving you that boost of motivation and a can-do attitude.

The Benefits

Taking time out of your morning to exercise has proven to help avoid distractions and help with a better night’s sleep, but it also has benefits internally such as a boost in metabolism as well as enhanced mental clarity, feeling rejuvenated and recharged, this can lead to feeling accomplished.

What we offer

1FitLife’s licensing arm – Fitter Stock, offers a vast range of On-Demand content, ranging from nutrition, rehabilitation, stretch and mobility, Mind Health and Cardio. This diverse selection of holistic exercises can help motivate you and end those January blues. Ranging from different genres of content such as Rehabilitation or Corporate Wellness, Fitter Stock is inclusive to all. lady doing yoga on beach

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