Find Your Wedding Glow

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Anna Langridge from 1FitLife helps you to find your wedding glow with some wellbeing strategies to set you on the right path.

Weddings can be stressful, time-consuming and pressurised. However, it should be one of the happiest moments of your life, so here are some wellbeing tips to help you stay calm, on track and feeling your best.

Decision making

Remember that although friends and family tend to get involved in a couple’s wedding, it’s not their day, so make sure that you have a wedding that reflects you and your fiance’s personality and style. If it’s all getting too much, take some time out before making big decisions by going for a relaxing walk and clear your headspace so you have time to reflect on the decision you are both happy to proceed with.

Feeling your best

You and your fiance will want to feel your best and most confident on the day. Don’t start an extreme diet as you will be busy in the lead-up and will require energy for the increased workload. Instead, find an exercise and eating plan that will keep you energised and feeling great from the inside out.

What type of training gets the best results?

Plan a mixture of training sessions at least six months before your special day. The weekly schedule should include:
Cardio sessions to tone the body and maintain a healthy circulatory system, which will also help improve your skin condition and help you look glowing.
Strength training sessions to make you look leaner, stronger and to help improve your posture.
Mind and body sessions to keep yourself calm, release tight muscles and improve your flexibility.

What foods should I eat?

Keep sugars to a minimum and focus on eating lean protein and oily fish.
Fill up your plate with different coloured vegetables and keep carbohydrate intake fairly low if you want to control your weight. Fresh is best and remember that when you prepare your food from scratch you’ll know exactly what’s in it!

Most importantly enjoy every second of the lead up to your special day and find your glow!

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