A Balanced Life

Anna Langridge from 1FitLife provides tips on how to maintain a healthy life balance of work, health and social now that lockdown restrictions have eased.

Do you worry that life will go back to being as busy as before lockdown? Have you learnt new skills and healthier habits in lockdown and will you keep these more positive habits going?  There are some really simple things you can try to do to maintain the balance in your life.

Start by combining your fitness and social life by training with a friend or group of friends. This can involve creating a walking or running group, going to the gym with someone on a specific day and time each week or joining an exercise class together. If you exercise regularly you tend to be more confident and able to handle the interaction of your work and home life and are less likely to be stressed at work.

Don’t socially overload.  Learn to say no to social commitments when you feel that you are already busy enough.

There will be plenty of other opportunities in the future and socially overloading can be the start of a slippery slope in failing to achieve balance. When you start getting overtired, your sleep gets affected and you end up not eating as healthily.

Where possible try and achieve a combination of home and office working so that you have that much needed personal interaction with your colleagues, but you also have days at home that avoid commute time and allow you time to focus on your fitness and family time before or after work.

Sleep is king.  Sleep is one of the most important factors in achieving a balanced life.  Lack of sleep can impact your immune system, energy levels, coping mechanisms and your motivation to exercise and sleep well.

Most importantly remember the elements that made you stressed before lockdown and try not to allow them back into your life.

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