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    Mental Fitness App with Jason Fox

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    Mentor360 is an app that recognises the intrinsic connection between mental and physical health, it is able to advise on how to deal with various mental health issues, as well as insight into performance psychology. Mentor360 also provides guidance on nutrition, exercise and meditation, to further aid the users mental health.


    Bertie is a local Dorset businessman who has spent 25 years serving in the military. Growing up, he witnessed domestic abuse and his father took his own life when he was just 15, the effects of which still haunt him today. He’s experienced some of the most challenging circumstances possible, along with his friends in the military who’ve suffered from PTSD and, in some cases, taken their own lives.

    The result is Mentor360, an innovative platform designed to guide people towards a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

    Mentor360 approached 1FitLife with the proposition of developing all the required content for an app that could act as a ‘pocket life coach’. This content needed to suit the needs of different individuals and their different daily struggles, whilst recognising the intrinsic connection between mental and physical health. It needed to be educational and lead users to a better understanding of themselves. 


    The team at 1FitLife designed and produced all the content for the app, including videos, images and audio. Most of this is delivered through their team of ‘mentors’ in order to make the app personal and ensure users are receiving unfiltered expert advice. We recorded sound and video on different sets to give the app a rounded feel. Whether a users’ goals are based around mental health, sleep or performance psychology, we made sure there is something for everyone. The diverse range of content will offer supportive solutions, no matter what fitness battles the user may be facing.


    The Mentor360 app has been launched and provides a unique platform where users can tailor the content to suit their individual needs and ‘find their formula’. Its app achieved over 3000 users in the first part of the launch. They are now partnering with the NHS and other large corporate organisations to support patients and employees with expert guidance on mental fitness. 

    Mentor360 App


    Mentor360 - How Are You?

    Alex Waller - Overview

    Jason Fox - Endorsing Mentor360

    Jason Fox - Mental Health

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