Maximo Fitness

Creation of on-demand workouts to enhance brand value, product sales and secondary revenue


Maximo Fitness is an e-commerce organisation who provide high quality gym, fitness & health products in the UK and Europe.

Maximo Fitness has become a leading supplier of Massage Foam Rollers in the UK. The purpose of this video was to reinforce their brand and also to educate the market about the importance of using a foam rolling correctly, as well as provide additional value to customers. It was hoped that the result of this work would be an uplift in secondary spend and improved brand positioning for Maximo Fitness.

To achieve this 1FitLife created a number of different content assets. The main asset being a 30 minute Myofascial Foam Roller workout with a specialist instructor to showcase the versatility of the product, help educate the customer to use it correctly, as well as describe the benefits of adding these types of workouts to your fitness regime. The on-demand workout is available to purchase through the Maximo Fitness website.


1FitLife set off designing the workout flow to educate the viewer as well as position the Maximo Fitness product as the preferred product of choice. Following this, the 1FitLife team sourced a choice of venues to film in, as well as a selection of different instructors for the client to choose from. All the instructors provided had experience in leading on-demand workouts, were highly qualified in Myofascial Release and had a background in media training.

On the filming day, 1FitLife’s production team included two Cameramen, a Lighting Technician, Executive Director/Fitness Expert and Runner. Following the filming, 1FitLife produced the following assets.

1 x 30 minute Myofascial Foam Roller workout
1 x 1 minute promotional edit of the workout and 1 x 10 second workout promo clip to work across all digital marketing channels including social.
1 x 15 second educational ‘which foam roller should I buy?’ video.Video Player00:0001:07


Since the launch of the video across all digital marketing channels, Maximo Fitness has seen a significant uplift in traffic being directed to its website from Facebook and Instagram advertising. This has resulted in significant brand exposure and an increase in sales of its foam rollers, plus a significant spend in the new revenue stream for the video on its own.

To buy the Maximo Fitness 30 Minute Training Video click here